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THE Bravo Fleet Live Journal Community

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Bravo Fleet LJ Community
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Welcome to the Official Bravo Fleet Live Journal Community.

This community was created to provide a place for BF simmers to post about themselves in regards to Bravo Fleet and/or their SIMM.

Basic Rules:

1) Please be respectful, considerate and courteous to one another in here. Insults, petty bickering and name-calling will not be tolerated. There are other places for that. No personal attacks or flaming of any kind. Fellow members deserve respect, please show it to them.

2) This is for discussion of Bravo Fleet related topics and/or Star Trek related topics.

3) Use LJ-cuts when writing long entries or posting pictures.

4) You may promote your ship or Task Force, but please keep it a minimum.

5) If you disagree with someone, do it respectfully.

6) You may promote other sites and/or materials as long as it's related to Bravo Fleet and/or Star Trek. Posts advertising and/or promoting unrelated materials and/or sites should be posted in your own livejournal. It will be removed from this community and your membership status could be altered by either being banned or posting access will be taken away from you.

7) If you feel you are being attacked by another member, contact a moderator of the community.

8) When you join are approved, please enter an entry that introduces yourself, including the ships and TFs you serve on, and your characters names, and anything else you want to say.

8) Enjoy!

This community is owned by azathar.
It is managed, maintained & moderated by jessiesk.

Remember, Bravo Fleet is a PG-13 Simming community, and this LJ Community should reflect that as well.

Important Bravo Fleet Sites:

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Tactical Group 192 - Thor's Hammer

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Task Force 17 - S.H.A.D.O.W.S.

Task Force 21 - (SABRE)

Task Force 38 - Defense Force Delta

Task Force 44 - Gray Mist

Task Force 58 - The Peacekeepers

Task Force 72 - Sector Exploration & Necessary Tactical Interdiction Near Enemy Lines (SENTINEL)

Task Force 86 - Active Incursion Division

BF Klingon Fellowship

Bravo Fleet Marines

Star Trek Resources:

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